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Sglivechat Forum Rules

1. Respectful behaviour:
As these forums are intended to offer a platform for our user to communicate and interact with each other a respectful behaviour is absolutely essential even if there are deispute and conflicts. Talk to others like you want to be talked to and stick to fact rather than being offensive.

2. No Spam:
Nonsense-post or kind of post that contains no (topic-related) information are generally unwanted

3. Sharing Of Contact Info:
Posting and sharing of contact information in forum is not allowed e.g telephone no, address, e-mail e.t.c
But if you want to let people to contact you base on what you post, only profile link are allowed in forum.

4. Use of The search engine:
We recommed to always use the search engine before you start a new topic/theme. Many topic/theme were already discussed ande you may find a solution for your question/problem. Topic appearing that have already been discussed (multiple times) in combinaton with the obviousness that search engine wasn't used will very likely be closed.

5. Use of source:
We also recommend the use of source, when publishing/posting photo, articles or media file from a website, blog, books e.t.c. To reduce Plagiarism and also to protect Copyright content on our site.

6. Privacy tearm:
Respect the privacy of other member of sglivechat and generally don't publish any kind of personal information (address, phone number, e-mail).
To read more about our privacy tearm visit: sglivechat.ml/PrivacyTearms

7. No tralling, no flaming:
Tralling decribe posting for the only reason to insult others or violate the forum rules. Offensive post of that kind will not be tollorated and user who only come to the forum for trolling purpose (so called "trolls") will be excluded from the community

8. Advertisment:
posting of advertisment is not allowed , if you want to advertise on sglivechat visit http://ads.sglivechat.com

9. Native forum Language:
In order to avoid discussion becoming in necessarily complicated, please use the corresponding forum language

10. Discussion of warnings, bans and other sanctions:
If you feel the need to discus a warning or a ban, don't do that in public forums. write a private message to the person who put ban in you or send an e-mail to [email protected] .

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