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topics Boyfriend ended things and didn't give me any reason
Created by - views Views 2022 - messages Comments -

topics Boyfriend said he would leave his wife and kids for me
Created by - views Views 1526 - messages Comments -

topics Should I satisfy my boyfriend even if I don t want to?
Created by - views Views 1437 - messages Comments -

topics Boyfriend won t let me post a photo?
Created by - views Views 2039 - messages Comments -

topics I have a girlfriend a girl that i know wants us to be fuckbuddies she says its o
Created by - views Views 1572 - messages Comments -

topics Will he cheat again?
Created by - views Views 1901 - messages Comments -

topics Is this a weird turn on?
Created by - views Views 1230 - messages Comments -

topics Why is he not asking me out again?
Created by - views Views 1446 - messages Comments -

topics I got a chick pregnant what do i do
Created by - views Views 1705 - messages Comments -

topics I fell in love with a girl, but she confessed that she's a tranny. What should
Created by - views Views 1715 - messages Comments -

topics Girlfriend says she used to be a prostitute.
Created by - views Views 1442 - messages Comments -

topics I m 24 years old guy, never had a girlfriend, never kissed, never held hand with
Created by - views Views 1492 - messages Comments -

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